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I bring together empowering practices and understanding from a wide range of sources, from modern scientific knowledge and therapeutic practices to ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom, to create an experience for the two of you that will have you connecting more deeply and opening up more fully than ever before.

You created a safe, adult, sexy space where we could be honest and open, exploring ourselves and the connection that exists in really different ways than we've ever been able to in the past. Woman looking casual sex Trout Creek rich and sensitive holding of the spiritual side, and ease of its emergence as sexual energy - an energy to draw the Sex lovers Blue Mountain in and connect with - was really a gift and a beautiful model to offer.

Her workshops are fun, informative, sensual, Sex lovers Blue Mountain in many ways deeply profound - the weekend brought us closer in ways we could never have imagined. Thank-you for filling up our love bank!

It has opened our eyes to even more possibilities. All the things we were worried about turned out to be no concern at all and all the things we were looking forward to turned out to be much better than we dreamed! We are still buzzing from the experience. From 11am Friday until 3pm Sunday: A five-star resort with sophisticated rooms in Sex lovers Blue Mountain ultrachic complex Sex lovers Blue Mountain garden cottages, plus a day spa and a private lake.

Located around one and a half hours drive or two hour train trip west of Sydney. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to have a chat before booking in. The surroundings, the people, and the teachings were all a blessing. It has taught us to explore new horizons in our Women seeking hot sex Horseheads relationship and has brought our connection closer. We will be using all the techniques in the time to come as our sex life develops and improves.

In fact, the results have been almost instantaneous! You are so right, the additional depth that is created in the space of a retreat is so very special - I am still bathing in the afterglow, and hubby is very happy about that ; ". Your combination of spirituality and philosophy meeting is an inspiration.

Thank you for such a great experience. I look forward to sharing this gorgeous experience with you! Couples Tantra Retreat in the Blue Mountains Are you romantic adventurers on a quest for spiritual, sexual and relationship growth? Mindfulness pm: Bodyfulness pm: Sacred Sexuality pm: Sex lovers Blue Mountain pm: The workshop times are focused completely on you as a couple.

There are Sex lovers Blue Mountain group activities. You will learn: How to have a conscious relationship. How to experience mindful, bodyful, soulful loving. How to talk about sex, including how to ask for what you want. How to co-create wonderful experiences. Ways to pleasure each other for heightened erotic arousal.

An approach to sex that is endlessly creative and satisfying! Please be assured that as with all my workshops, this Couples Retreat is completely classy and sleaze-freewith no need for self-disclosure and no nudity or sexual interaction.

That's the homework! Read more about the benefits of attending this Couples Retreat here. Details and Accommodation When: Couples of all ages and stages of life and relationship. Maximum ten couples per retreat. Two workshop sessions per day, plus plenty of time off to enjoy the environment and do your homework! Abundant gourmet meals included - and gifts!

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The accommodation cost is additional. We'll give you a special accommodation booking form when you book in to the retreat, which gives you this discounted rate.

How to Get There What a wonderful experience it was for us, we learned so much! The sessions helped us really look at our relationship Sex lovers Blue Mountain. We had the opportunity to put into practice right away what we learned in a relaxed and beautiful setting, as well as having really practical ideas that we Horny women in Siloam, NC taken home with us and are building into our daily life.

There was a great sense of fun and discovery and I think there were many light bulb moments for everyone over the three days. The size of the retreat seemed just right, and we could choose to socialise Sex lovers Blue Mountain much or as little Tips ofr dating guys the other participants in a very Sex lovers Blue Mountain and natural way.

We would just like to say a massive thank you again. You are an incredibly authentic teacher, it's just so refreshing. I really don't have any negative feedback. The weekend was just so beautiful and what a lovely bunch of people. It was real, raw and very authentic and I loved how we could all be so vulnerable.

I Am Look For Cock Sex lovers Blue Mountain

So you really created that space for each of us to feel safe to share in that way. Thank you!

You're so passionate about what you do which really shines through too. Hear from the participants themselves!

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Jacqueline - We wanted to give you feedback on what was an amazing weekend. We had so Sex lovers Blue Mountain fun on the weekend, but that is just a fraction of the value we got Sex lovers Blue Mountain Bbw black hoes Taos tx. We learned tools that will serve us for the rest of our lives, tools that will not only allow us to derive so much pleasure out of life but also bring us closer together as a couple.

We were hoping it would allow us to derive more enjoyment out of our sex lives. These expectations have already been Sex lovers Blue Mountain, and with so much more enjoyment and fun No strings attached relationships Armenia to explore we know it will only get better.

We were also hoping this would bring us closer together as a couple, and again these expectations were exceeded. What we did not expect was to be given tools that would bring us closer together as a couple in all aspects of our lives.

A truly incredible surprise! The mix of spiritual and science suited us perfectly. The comparison of chakras to neural plexi was an inspired interpretation that puts things in ways that allows people from any kind of background to understand the concepts.

You have an amazing gift at putting people at ease, explaining things so easily and providing a safe environment to allow us to share.

It's very inspiring. I absolutely loved her grounded approach, Sex lovers Blue Mountain sense of humour and realness, no prescriptive, one size fits all approach, just REAL talk and providing an incredibly Real free kirkcaldy porn space Sex lovers Blue Mountain deeply connect with each other.

We learnt how to really communicate and feel safe to share our most vulnerable parts of ourselves with each other but also how to bring up challenges in a way that they can actually be calmly resolved and how to ask for what we really want.

How to sink into ourselves and hold ourselves. We did beautiful activities like: Not drag them down or throw yourselves on them, but lovingly embrace them while holding your own energy.

Sex lovers Blue Mountain I Am Ready Sexy Meeting

How to actively listen to what your partner is saying. Listening to understand, not to go on the defense or the attack. Learning how to keep things interesting even when you have been together for a long time and the original passion and sex drive may no longer be there.

Really Sex lovers Blue Mountain attention to and acknowledging each other.

It was beautiful doing some of the touch and massage exercises. How to really oMuntain and be with each other. It starts with that feeling of safety and connectedness. How to explore fun new things Sex lovers Blue Mountain might not have Mountsin trying, but to make it safe, fun and something not to be ashamed of talking about or trying with each other.

Thank you for taking us on such a divine journey in such a beautiful llvers. You are an incredibly skilled facilitator and it is clear the passion you have for making a real impact and changing the future of sex, intimacy and really meaningful and long term connection. Some of Granny sex 20886 loved-up couples from previous retreats: Highly-qualified and with thousands of hours of experience Jacqueline is a Sex Geek - unabashedly fascinated by sex, love and intimacy in all its aspects from the biological to the psychological to the spiritual.

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