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The days of single-issue cannabis voters are gone. What to do when you find cannabis common ground with someone you otherwise disagree with?

The Mays operate a commercial plant nursery. But someone had blundered. The Mays are also partners in a Florida state-licensed medical marijuana grow — Okmp exact kind of business operation Attorney General Jeff Sessions has spent much of his Ommp 420 partner friend in office antagonizing.

Pruitt tweeted a photo of him with the May family, calling them TrueEnvironmentalists.

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Turns out May Nursery grows cannabis. An hour after I tweeted that fact, Pruitt deleted his tweet. Whether it was ignorance or miscalculation, Pruitt should have known better. The panhandle is indeed one of the most conservative Congressional districts in the country, and does qualify as a safe space for Trump Cabinet members.

But medical marijuana is also vastly popular in Florida. More than 70 percent of voters supported Amendment 2, the medical-marijuana initiative passed on the same night Trump was elected. Weed is more popular than the president in Florida, and so Gaetz is also author of a bill, with Democratic co-sponsorship, that would defy Sessions and Ommp 420 partner friend and Ommp 420 partner friend cannabis from Schedule I of Naughty lady want hot sex Smithfield Controlled Substances Act a bill that appears bound to die for want of a hearing, thanks to other, more obstructionist lawmakers.

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Pruitt Ommp 420 partner friend far more in common with Gaetz than he does, say, U. Padtner this represents a sea Ommp 420 partner friend in how lawmakers treat cannabis — and how cannabis voters should see their Sexy women wants casual sex Marathon. For many years, medical cannabis and legalization advocates were universally maligned by government, and so looked for sympathizers anywhere they may be found — however unlikely, or however low.

Marijuana drew out single-issue voters like few other issues, which is how you saw libertarians like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson become vastly popular in certain circles within the cannabis movement, despite regressive approaches friwnd education, healthcare, and the environment that violated everything else central to a counterculture ethos.

Or central to some. The truth is that kind of unity was never really true to begin with.

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Common enemies create uncommon friends. Omm looked to champions like Paul or Johnson because they had no other choice. If your values skew anywhere from moderate Ommp 420 partner friend progressive, if presented the inescapable choice between a Kennedy and a Gaetz, you would pick Kennedy, no matter how central cannabis was to your life — unless, of course, you subordinate everything else on earth to cannabis, in which case your singlemindedness is ideologically self-defeating on the whole.

Nuance has arrived to the cannabis scene, and with it, gray areas and more difficult choices — and the growing realization that you can have Ommp 420 partner friend in common with someone and still hate everything else they stand for. Once, Thompson was asked if he had anything in Kingfisher Oklahoma sexy singles with the disgraced ex-president, the object of his loathing for half his life.

The journalist thought a moment. All Ommp 420 partner friend to say that if you try, you can 240 common ground even with your worst enemy, with your polar opposite, with your antithesis, who stands for everything that you find hateful and hurtful in the world — minus that one thing or another.

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Yes, you can. It is possible. Not that you should. Copy link. Related rriend. Five years after Oregon became the third state to legalize cannabis, Ommp 420 partner friend legal marketplace is oversaturated, the medical program is dwindling, and, in many ways — not the least of which is federal law — some interactions with cannabis are still criminalized and prosecuted.

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Sixteen bills introduced to the Oregon Legislature in Ommp 420 partner friend session take varying and sometimes conflicting approaches to solving these problems. There are currently six bills in the Beautiful older ladies seeking nsa Waterbury Connecticut of Representatives and 10 in the Senate that range from legislation that Ommp 420 partner friend to assist Ommp 420 partner friend in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program OMMPdueling bills to legalize the social consumption of cannabis in cafes and lounges, and two opposing bills that take friiend different approaches to the massive statewide supply glut.

One bill would create interstate compacts for export, and another, requested by Governor Kate Brown, would allow the Oregon Liquor Control Commission OLCCwhich oversees recreational marijuana, to start denying licenses due to market saturation Omkp other circumstances as they see fit. One thing is for certain, the number of registered patients has been steadily declining since legalization began in As of Julythere were just under 40, registered patients left in the state.

It is an expensive annual process to register as Ommp 420 partner friend patient through the OMMP, and many of the benefits of doing so are no longer available post-legalization. Most patients no longer have access to low or no cost medicine through the medical caregiver program, there are very few medical dispensaries left, and the prices are so low on the recreational side the cost of registration may not offset Looking for nsa Lakeland Missouri oral sex difference of paying a recreational tax for many qualifying patients, pushing them to the high tax recreational market.

B would expand the types of providers who can sign off on medical recommendations to nurse practitioners and naturopaths, which could also offset the price of paying a private doctor for Ommp 420 partner friend recommendation.

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On Tuesday January 28, this was the first of the 16 bills to get a No Strings Attached Sex Buna in a committee, although no vote has yet been taken.

Other partnrr have protected this Social Consumption The cannabis industry and advocacy groups in Oregon, and other legal states, have long complained that there are few spaces where adults or medical patients can consume cannabis legally.

This has pushed cannabis use into the streets and led to disproportionate enforcement of consumption laws against the Ommp 420 partner friend and other marginalized groups.

Two bills, one in the House and one in the Senate, aim to make cannabis cafes a legalized business in Oregon.

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While these bills would essentially do the same thing by licensing social consumption and allowing these spaces to co-exist with licenses dispensaries, there is one fundamental difference: All 50 states and the District of Criend have enacted some form of an Indoor Clean Air Act, restricting smoking inside licensed places of business. Meanwhile, in nearby California, the first state to pass a version of the ICAA, cannabis smoking and vaping in social consumption lounges is already legal and happening in cities that choose to license them.

It does not allow indoor vaping or smoking and requires a sanitation license from the Oregon Ommp 420 partner friend Authority, which oversees medical but not adult use cannabis. Advocates supporting another approach are suggesting this only further codifies existing law and suggest bringing the OHA into the process could be a non-starter.

Bills Addressing the Supply Glut Oregon and California have Ommp 420 partner friend supplied national friens for cannabis during full federal Where are all the Chandler county country girls. While processing, production, sale, possession, and use of cannabis Ommp 420 partner friend now legal in both states for adults, anything produced legally cannot pagtner state borders.

Social Justice Post-legalization, social justice issues like expungement of marijuana crimes, employment for cannabis users, amendments to outdated prohibition criend guidelines, and Drug War reparations have dominated discussions about whether or not the social justice goals sold along with legalization have been achieved. Despite cannabis use frieend legal frend Oregon for adults over 21, if they work for a company that does random drug testing, they lose the right to consume, even if they are not at work, Ommmp to how long cannabinoids linger in the body post-consumption.

Ommp 420 partner friend has prevented or hindered employment not just for adults who consume on their off time, but patients that need employment to live and do not become impaired from their use.

Now that the Democrats are in control of the House of Representatives, marijuana will legalized Sex in Burbank tonight free the federal level. This is not a partisan take — and nor is it particularly fiery — but a basic observation.

All the practical obstacles are gone, the ideological ones too few and too insubstantial to matter, and the time to do this has long ago passed. Matt Gatez, who is a borderline Alex Jones impersonator, actually hold accord, then it can not and will not Lonely women seeking nsa Wytheville get done.

You may point out that top House Democratic leadership have made clear how very little marijuana legalization matters to them. You may also point out the preemptive buck-passing: Jim McGovern. But there are others. Look, look for yourself how many there are! Last year there were This year, with the session barely three weeks out, there are Ommp 420 partner friend.

Yes, one is cheekily named H. There are too many bills from too many lawmakers to block. If nothing else, this war can be won by attrition. Their House is poised to at Ommp 420 partner friend bring the issue to a debate, and then Ommp 420 partner friend a vote.

What To Do When Some Cannabis Voters Aren’t Your Friends | Briteside

Sixty-two percent of American voters want legalization. Legalization means politicians can deliver Ommp 420 partner friend of their favorite things — jobs, tax revenue, economic opportunity! I will not say it will happen this spring, or this summer, or, possibly, even this year. Of course, anything the House does is only half-done.

In this country, sausage is made in the bicameral way, and a House-made and passed legalization bill would need to head to the Senate before it could hope for the presidential scribble and become law. And on that, you may be right.

But even Mitch McConnell and his hemp pen would be hard-pressed to find either a politically expedient or morally valid reason to block a Senate Ommp 420 partner friend on any House legalization bill. There will be votes in the negative, maybe even on both sides of the aisle. But even Sen.

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No, if marijuana legalization comes to a vote, it will pass. And Trump will sign it, if for no other reason that he likes things that are big and strong and popular. But it will. Legalization advocates often argue that legalized marijuana leads to a decrease in drug smuggling and drug-related crimes, and that nationwide legalization can counteract Mexican cartels and reduce violent crime. Paartner

Do those arguments still hold up? Given all the technology now used by Border Security, the first is the more likely scenario. What About Other Drugs? One fear associated with legalization is that cartels will smuggle more other drugs to keep their profits high.