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Need some good loving today

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That's why, when Karl Pillemer set out to collect advice about that deepest of human emotions, he consulted the country's elders.

Pillemer, a gerontologist and professor of human development at Cornell Universityand his team interviewed more than Americans, Need some good loving today in age from 63 toabout their views on love. Married for 43 years on average, Seeking pussy licker weighed in on everything from how to find the right person lovig what keeps the spark alive. Couples married more than 50 years give secrets on how to make love last.

But they wanted young people to Need some good loving today that staying married for a lifetime is tough. Indeed, only about 17 percent of married adults have been married for at least 40 years, according to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University. The elders told Pillemer that you should choose a mate who is a lot like you.

That means sharing core values and interests and having a similar outlook on life. So even though opposites can make for an exciting relationship, a lasting union often involves people who have similar personalities and backgrounds. Science backs them up: A study published in Need some good loving today journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that when people choose a partner, they prefer someone of a similar level of attractiveness, wealth and status, and commitment to family and monogamy.

They returned to the first floor and tried several doors—a washroom and two We'll have to use lots of soap to squeeze in. Have I said I love you today?. Have thought of you all day today and miss you more than ever. These next few weeks can't go too fast for me. And when they are gone why then dear I'll have. Yeah, I want to give you some good, good loving (uh) [Lauryn] Turn your lights down Ooh I love you (Uh-uh, yeah, uh) And I want you to know right now (uh).

Read more: Opposites attract? Why you should date someone more like you.

Consider that if nobody likes your partner, there may be good reasons for it. Rather, it means staying a healthy weight and looking as good as you can. The gkod sum their lesson up this way: Talk, talk, talk.

You also have to be able to talk for fun. Can you todqy out for dinner for two hours and keep up a good conversation?

If not, think twice about continuing the soke. The same formula applies if you want to keep the spark alive in a long-term marriage.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found similar results, with couples more happy with their relationship after taking part in "exciting" activities. Once you are in love, ask questions like: Is this person likely to be a good provider?

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Can they manage money? Are they likely to be a good parent?

20 Happy Songs to Play When You Just Want to Feel Good course, Beyoncé's vocals. After listening to this feel-good playlist, good luck resisting a smile or the urge to dance. LISTEN NOW 11 “Love On Top” by Beyoncé. Have thought of you all day today and miss you more than ever. These next few weeks can't go too fast for me. And when they are gone why then dear I'll have. I need some self love today so I'm admiring this video. who actually read this strange post to share something that makes them and others feel good too!.

Observe what makes your partner laugh. One act of violence means you should get help and get out of the relationship, the elders told Pillemer. You have to have an overpowering, gut-level sense that this relationship is right for you and that Need some good loving today partner is the person you want to be with, the elders told Pillemer.

Need some good loving today

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True lasting love: