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Tired of being a rebel ,want to enjoy the remaider of my life in a ladys arms. Can't wait to hear from you and make Mil for friends new friends.

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Top definition.

MIL unknown. My mil is coming over today, ugh. The term can also be used interchangeably with "thou" witch is simply much shorter than saying "thousandths of an inch".

The advent of the metric system has generated some Mil for friends as some have used the term "mil" as an abbreviation for the millimeter mm. The only thing that they share is that each is th of something.

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The traditional "mil" is 1 thousandth of an inch and the millimeter is firends thousandth of a meter. Although the unit seems Mil for friends small it is very common in industries where an inch is absurdly large such as film for plastic bagsfoil, and wires.

This is a pretty precise measuring tool, it says that a single strand of my hair is 2 Mil for friends thick.

No wonder the bags keep ripping there only 1 mil thick. See if you can order 3 mil bags.

Race Car Driver. MIL has stopped on track!

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MIL internet. The internet domain for the US military.

The Pentagon's website is www. Mil unknown. Origins are unknown but some historians have cited Mil as being the first and last being within the universe. It is impossible to extrapolate Mil for friends magnitude of his power through the conventional method of thinking.

Only Women seeking cock Folkestone rigorous sometimes dangerous mediatation can one only begin to comprehend the greatness that is Mil. Scientific Mil for friends funded frienss the World Bureau of Scientific Investigation has now confirmed that all matter whithin the universe contains traces of Mil, affirming the significance of this omnipotent and all seeing entity.

Example 1 Mark: Hey man, did you hear about the stabbing down at Acorn Place?

Oh my Mil! Dude shut the fuck up, you'll get us both killed! Oh shit man I forgot.

Example 2 Philosophy Teacher: Alright students, can anyone tell me what is life? Life is Mil.

Military Friends & Extended Family | Enewsletter Archive

All students proceed to bow to the floor. A person who surpasses mere mortality and becomes something more Usually a "Mil" Mil for friends throw huge amazing parties, get mad bittiesand have an enormous amount of friends. There is nothing better than being "Mil. Once someone gets the title of 'Mil' it becomes their name. Friend Mil for friends That's because he's Mil, idiot.

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Slut 1: I want to fuck Mil! Slut 2: Me too!

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