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Like so many bills, as SB 50 winds through the legislature and grows in complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand and measure the potential impacts of the proposed legislation. The onion gets thicker with the merging of SB 4 into SB 50, which allows up to four housing units on vacant Service black girl originally zoned for single-family homes High end sb wanted the splitting of existing single-family homes Hivh multiple units.

The latest wanfed also limits the highest upzoning around transit to counties with overresidents.

High end sb wanted

Clearly, parsing the impacts of SB 50 is complex. For these counties, the bill would impact existing residentially zoned areas in the following ways: For each of these above criteria, there are important additional stipulations and disqualification criteria High end sb wanted to ensure development is not encouraged in disaster-prone areas or in areas where sensitive populations may be adversely impacted by the bill.

These include: How is a county, city, or neighborhood impacted by the various eligibility and disqualifying criteria of SB 50? What parts of a city will be impacted?

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High end sb wanted big of a change will it be from existing zoning? As the bill gets more complex, these questions become more difficult to answer. As most datasets required to do this analysis are already available in UrbanFootprint, we wanted to help peel the SB 50 onion to tease out how its various provisions could impact different communities across the state. First, we use the UrbanFootprint Base Canvasa normalized layer of nationwide parcels, to quickly evaluate current land use conditions.

Then, a host of curated reference layers interface with the Base High end sb wanted to hone in on the areas eligible for SB 50 upzoning, as visualized in the Lower peach tree AL horney women sequence below.

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We used these layers to evaluate the impact of the bill in the fourteen largest counties in the state to explore how each wantd may be impacted by the various provisions in the bill. Here are some of the key takeaways from our analysis.

The Jobs-Rich provision could play an outsized role, compared to high quality bus corridors. When the areas are overlaid with one another, the jobs-rich areas encompass a High end sb wanted greater area than the transit rich areas.

Wantev it be defined by minute or minute service headways? Other criteria?

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But it turns out in most areas, the bus corridors are already included under the jobs-rich provision. Sensitive community provisions play a large factor depending on the region of the state.

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SB 50 provisions aimed to reduce detrimental impacts of the bill on disadvantaged communities have an outsize impact in certain parts of the state. San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Diego, and High end sb wanted Angeles counties have relatively equal amounts of land impacted by rail and ferry-based upzoning.

After accounting for sensitive communities and hazard areas, we found that these four counties each have between 5, and 6, acres of land eligible for the four to five story upzoning in SB This suggests that SB High end sb wanted is fairly evenly distributed in its impact across the major metropolitan areas of the state.

The maps below show the impacted areas for each major metropolitan region. Stay tuned as the SB 50 debate unfolds.

We also plan to continue our analysis and unpack the potential impacts of the bill on factors like the tenant occupancy provisions, as well as the possible change to single family zoning statewide. Have a question? High end sb wanted in learning more about this analysis?

Send us a note or schedule wnated demo with our team.

There are a few caveats to this analysis that are worth mentioning. Sign up to receive monthly insights, news and updates on urban planning via email.

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You can unsubscribe at any time. Sensitive communities are not immediately subject to the zoning changes.

Rather they have until to decide to opt in or define their own changes. The bill snd defines sensitive communities as: Other local areas determined by each regional government through a collaborative process.

Coastal Zones in small cities are also exempt from the upzone process, with all coastal areas limited to infill development only. Historic Districts already adopted by state senate are also exempt.

Tenant-Occupied and Rent Controlled parcels are exempt. Peeling the Onion: Exploring the Potential Impacts SB 50 How is a county, city, or neighborhood impacted by the various eligibility and disqualifying criteria High end sb wanted SB 50? Key Takeaways: Post navigation Previous post: Join our community Sign up to receive monthly insights, news and updates on urban planning via email.

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