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Greece fuck buddy

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Greece fuck buddy I Am Wanting Cock

Top definition. Trojan War unknown.

The Trojan War was a war between the Trojan army and a bunch of queers from Greece. The only heterosexual in the entire Greek nation Greece fuck buddy some spartan dude named Menelaus, who was the mentally handicapped son of the dude from One day, Paris, some dude from Troy, got a bj from this chick named Helen, who was Menelaus' wife.

This pissed Menelaus off and he decided to go to war with the Trojans. His brother Agamemnonwho was the leader of most of the other Greek cities Menelaus was always the slow child decided to go to war with them. The Trojans were the greatest, awesomest, strongest, Greece fuck buddy sexiest civilization of the time, but the Greece fuck buddy gave it their all.

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The whole war lasted 10 years. The first 9 years were pretty motherfuckin' boring, but in the last year things got a little screwey. The champion of the Greek army was named Achilleswhose buttbuddy Patroclus got killed by some Trojan dude named Greece fuck buddy.

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Achilles was pissed guck he needed to find another buttbuddy, and decided to challenge Hector to a fight. In the duel, Athena kind of Jewed Hector out of all his weapons, but Hector was still raping Achilles medaphoricallyuntil Hector slipped on one of Greece fuck buddy tubes of anal lube that he had dropped.

Greece. wanting to meet up during daytime for regular sex. I am a tradesman, so have a fit body Find an NSA buddy! .. Trying to find a sexy fuck buddy to . However, one guy named Aeneas was like fuck that and decided to run to Italy, where The champion of the Greek army was named Achilles, whose buttbuddy . What happens when skype sex just isn't enough, and you need a warm body? Well, sometimes the usual avenues of finding a fuck buddy are all blocked.

Hector got a concussion and died. Achilles then tied Hector's dead body Greece fuck buddy the back of his chariot and rode bufdy around Troy and back to the Greek camps, were he had violent anal sex with it he liked them messy.

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Just before Hector died, the race for the position of King of Troy had began. Priamwho had been president before, lost to the emerging Democratic party lead by Odysseus. This is a little known factOdysseus was actually Greece fuck buddy Trojan dude.

After those fucking democrats took over, things got pretty fucked up.

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Paris shot and killed Achilles with an arrow, and was sentenced to death by Odysseus for Greece fuck buddy hate crime of murdering a homosexual. His execution was carried out by Philoctetes.

Odysseus' Greece fuck buddy act as President was to tear down the walls of Troy and let all the immigrants come into the city as they felt like it. He built a giant wooden horse as a welcome sign for the new immigrants similar to the Statue of Liberty.

The Greeks Gdeece this opportunity Greece fuck buddy try to invade the Trojan city. However, for some reason the Greeks were all walking with a limp that day probably because of all the butt sex and couldn't do shit heh.

The Trojans were able to defeat the massive army of homosexual invaders.

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However, Odyssues was Amateur sex Wildwood by his city's mistreatment of Greece fuck buddy and immigrants and ordered the destruction of the city fkck Troy for its xenophobic actions. However, one guy named Aeneas was like fuck that and decided to run to Italy, where he founded Rome.

He named Greece fuck buddy Geeece Roman Republic so his civilization would know to always be republicans and not like those fucking liberals. Oh yah, and there's a chick who fucked a bull using a machine he friend built for her somewhere in the tale. I don't know where the hell it is.

The Iliad and Greece fuck buddy Odyssey were the two gayest books I ever read, why the fuck do they make you read them in school? If the Greeks won, why the fuck is it called the "Trojan War"?

The time of which it takes to get your condom opened and on vs. Last night i was Greece fuck buddy my gurlwhen it Sexy grany 33852 sex time i pulled budsy my condom and it was a trojan war. A war years ago, which actually probably never happened and is really a load of fuck made up by a Greek Nerd with small genitalia - i'm sure he had a statue commisioned which proves budvy - but I'm not Greece fuck buddy because the movie was cool between the Trojans and the Greeks, who got beat down for most of it Greece fuck buddy had to use a giant wooden, horse shaped dildo for the greek king with men inside to act as sperm, but who he forgot about and gave to the Trojans as a peace gift when he needed a bigger toy to win, as well as a lot more soldiers but to be fair the Trojans did have massive walls to defend them and to fire arrows off.

The Trojans were too pissed and comatose to give a fuck about the horse so they let it in because they fought apollo creed gave it to them as a Greece fuck buddy for raping the hell out of the Greeks for most of the time and stealing their bitches. Who the budy is Granny sex swinger 40 enough to look Fuckk war up? Greece fuck buddy negotiator Zucc'd Crispy boy Guayo Aero sexual Japanese Rain Goggles Fpf Bawse FGF Patty Melt FriYAY Happy Friday.