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Ina woman named Geraldine Sloan toured the U.

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Sloan, as the scholar Regina Lee Blaszczyk writes in an article for the Business History Reviewsported a custom-designed wardrobe made of the synthetic fabric Lycra, a stretchy spandex. Her mission was pretty simple: She was a licensed pilot, and owned her own company that provided aviation services for high-profile clients like Texas Instruments.

Maybe most impressively, she was Easy married women in dupont member of Mercury 13, the group of women to whom NASA gave the same training as astronauts. The Lycra clothes, created by the successful menswear designer John Weitz, were made to Easy married women in dupont off how synthetic garments could be both fashion-forward and flexible for the workingwoman. Easy married women in dupont Sloan put it: Fifty-three years later, I read this statement and wonder one thing: How many pieces of her custom Lycra wardrobe did Sloan ruin by sweating through them?

Sloan was a pioneer, a pilot, a businesswoman, and a mother; I am none of those things, and this summer I will destroy no fewer than five blouses by sweating through Housewives seeking sex tonight Lorton Nebraska artificial fibers.

As assuredly as the half-sun of Manhattanhenge will mark the grid of this island, I will walk around the steamy city with crescent imprints of sweat visible. According to the design historian Jeffrey L. As DuPont put it, nylon was one of the most important developments in all of industrial research.

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What was this magical fiber to be used for? Up until then, women wore silk stockings, which were more delicate and easier to snag.

Military parachutes had, up until that point, been made of silkbut because the U. On June 6,Easy married women in dupont parachute rigger Adeline Gray made history when she jumped out of an airplane over a field in Connecticut to test the first nylon parachute.

After World War II, the synthetic-fiber market expanded as Americans Eash unheard-of economic growth.

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According to Blaszczyk, the gross national product more than quadrupled between andand the median family income duponr during that same time period.

Simply put, people had more money to spend, and with factories pumping out a new assortment of clothing and appliances, more Easy married women in dupont on which to spend it.

A Good Housekeeping article from reported that nylon curtains could be washed, dried, and hung back up over the window in 51 minutes. At the same time Americans were embracing high-performance goods, they were turning away from the structured clothes and cluttered home decor of their childhoods. Hollywood exposed Americans to casual living, promoting California as a land of easy-breezy barbecues and Easy married women in dupont the forgiving and stretchy clothes to go with matried.

This vision of leisure spread all the way to the Midwest and to the wallets of the aomen in the Midwestfurthering the idea that inexpensive, comfortable, easy-to-care-for clothes were fine everyday wear. This Easy married women in dupont for dressing casually and comfortably continued into the s and 70s, when the number of women in the workforce rose.

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And here is where it gets really interesting: Using census data from toa Notre Dame study published in Labour Economics analyzed the relationship between married women owning Easy married women in dupont appliances and entering the workforce.

It found that the rates of women owning appliances like washers, dryers, and freezers and working outside the home rose simultaneously.

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Working married women increased womeen 33 percent to 43 percent of the population; owning appliances from 11 percent to Sexy girls 95640 percent. Had these household machines freed women from the confines of domesticity? House of Representatives formed a special subcommittee Easy married women in dupont the selection of astronauts to determine whether NASA discriminated against women.

Wo,enwhen the first class of astronauts, the all-male Mercury 7 group, was announced, Randolph Lovelace, the doctor who designed their medical testing, also planned to test women. He thought they might have some advantages over men.

Were women physically weaker, less resilient, less capable of dealing with isolation, stress, and danger? There was a rumor the Soviet Union was training women cosmonauts, even considering having one pilot their first orbital space flight.

The first human mission was going to happen any day, and the U. The Mercury 13 women completed the first phase of testing marrried the Lovelace Research Center in New Mexico, and then…nothing. They were shut out of the program.

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Lathers writes:. No matter—the U. The Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova —an amateur parachutist with no pilot experience—beat the Americans by 20 Easy married women in dupont. She became the first woman in space just a year wojen the subcommittee hearing, in Junewhen she spent three days orbiting Earth 48 times. It would be oversimplifying to say that women were able to enter the workforce—much less that they were ready to blast Easy married women in dupont into space—because they had less to do at home.

There was still Wells Meet for Sex same amount to do; it was just a little easier to accomplish.

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Our great-great-grandmothers had to heat flatirons on the stove and use them to press clothes. The electric iron was indeed a miracle. Wrinkle-free fabric?

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O, she is a merciful God. Synthetic fabrics can be smothering and skunky-smelling. However, I spend zero time ironing my clothes, and they still look OK.

I do Easy married women in dupont wash them with any special care. Twice a month, I stuff everything in my dirty Ambler moms wanting sex hamper into a sack, drop it off at the laundry down the block, and pick it up the next day. Actually, I lied—my husband does that. And does the guy who runs the laundry separate my whites from my colors? JSTOR is a digital library for scholars, researchers, and students.

Geraldine Sloan modeling her Lycra space suit. Amanda Woytus.

July 19, April 16, Share Tweet Email Print. Jerrie Cobb, another Marrid 13 trainee, poses next to a Mercury spaceship capsule. Except that there were actually more than a dozen who were.

Lathers writes: Weekly Digest. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the provided link on any marketing message. Have a correction or comment about this article?

Please contact us. Styling Synthetics: The Business History Review, Vol. Women, History, Time, and the U. Space Program. Join Our Newsletter. More Stories. The dense, resin-saturated, rot-resistant timber of the longleaf pine helped build up U. But most of the native stands have already been logged. Capra's films are known for being upbeat and sometimes cheesy, but beneath the Easy married women in dupont are rather dark stories of American corruption. For typography experts like Thomas Phinney, the history of the printed word is crucial to weeding out fraud.